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Stewart Liff

An internationally-recognized expert on transforming organizations, Stew Liff works with businesses, governments, and organizations to create more productive and effective places to work. He is President and CEO of Stewart Liff & Associates, Inc., a California-based human resources consulting company specializing in management training, human resource consulting, management consulting, executive coaching, and motivational speaking.

An award-winning writer, Stew is the author of seven books. Stew is one of the world’s foremost authorities on visual performance management. This is an effective and established management consulting strategy he developed that combines the fine arts with systems design, human resources, and performance management principles to boost morale, increase collaboration, reduce duplication and create a more efficient operation. read more

Managing Government Employees offers dozens of techniques for meeting the challenges and stressful situations supervisors face on a daily basis. Major topics include how to get maximum dedication and productivity from employees, improve results of poor performers and discipline or fire them when necessary, deal with union and EEO issues, and cut through the red tape of government employment systems.  For managers frustrated by government bureaucracy, this book lets them know they have more power than they may think.

Outlines how to create an effective team structure, design integrated processes that support leadership growth, and capture the key knowledge that teams need to become self-managing units

Take a look around your workplace and try to find the following items: A statement of business objectives. I think it’s in that pile by the copy machine. A schedule of divisional goals. Everyone got that e-mail last year. Clear performance standards. They’re in the employee handbook. Team workflow documents. On the bulletin board, sticking out from under the first aid sign. Regular communication and motivation from management to employees. We have the quarterly meeting, and we send out memos. Stop. Is the information your employees need every day truly accessible? Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s present. When information is hard to find, outdated, nebulous, or incomplete, the effect is profound. If they can’t see it, it’s as good as nonexistent. The fact is, the visual elements in a workplace have a tremendous impact on execution, morale, and productivity. And it’s not just about information access. A visually dynamic workplace energizes employees, builds pride and ownership, and conveys the strength and currency of the organization. Design and graphics, art and color, sculpture and dimension — all have profound effects. Far from simply prettying up the office, your organization needs to create an environment of visual stimuli that convey goals and expectations, that engender a collaborative attitude, and most important, that cannot be ignored. This book represents a milestone in the science of workplace design

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