Stewart Liff & Associates, Inc. is a performance management consulting and training firm that works with companies, governments, institutions and individuals who come face to face with the need for wide spread transformational change. We specialize in performance management (especially Visual Performance Management – see below), Human Resources Management for government and other sectors, and building high performing self-managed teams.

Our Founder Stewart Liff

As a senior executive faced with leading an organizational change, Stewart Liff, our founder, developed a unique and highly integrated approach called Visual Performance Management. Visual Performance Management incorporates elements of systems design, team development, human resource management and the fine arts — which enables our clients to drive performance, improve their culture and achieve excellence in rapid time.

We don’t believe all companies or teams are the same, so no “cookie cutter” approach here. Research shows, and we believe, that people learn best and are able to lead most effectively when they make use of all their senses. Through consulting and training, we can help you accomplish just that by customizing our groundbreaking visual performance management approach, along with sound HRM and team development strategies to meet your needs. Through a collaborative process, we help create and develop systems and processes that are supported by displays, imagery, sound, etc. to map your progression from actions to goals, help management and teams share information and communicate more effectively, connect employees to the mission, celebrate their success and hold them accountable.

We are uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their professional and corporate objectives. Our diverse range of clients has included companies in the private sector, the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs (VA), Justice, Agriculture, Labor and Treasury, as well such diverse organizations as the World Bank, OPM, the State Government of Georgia, the Ohio Department of Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Health and the Brigham Young University Football Team.