Stewart Liff Master Mind ClassVisual Performance Management Mastermind Class

Stewart Liff is positioned to help your workplace (whether it is a department or a multi-site organization) design and implement a visual performance management system. He works with you from the initial readiness assessment, to design and implementation of the system, and then to reassessment and renewal of the process.

He serves his clients through direct consultation for the entire process or in an advisory capacity where that is indicated. Whatever your level of need, he can support your improvement efforts!



See article on the concept in ASTD’s Public Manager Magazine…



Visual Management…

  • is a system of management that helps create and sustain competitive advantage for organizations.
  • is a holistic and systemic approach to performance improvement in organizations.
  • uses fine arts concepts to improve organizational performance.
  • translates critical organizational requirements into visual stimuli that cannot be ignored.
  • uses these visual stimuli to highlight, report, clarify, and integrate mission, vision, values and culture into an organization’s operating systems and performance requirements.
  • creates an environment that enhances employee commitment to the success of the organization by ensuring that the work environment and culture directly support the mission and values of that organization.
  • presents key data and information through use of compelling sensory messages that reinforce what is important to the organization.
  • addresses performance issues and keeps people focused on the real mission and goals of the organization.
  • provides a mechanism for continuous improvement through system alignment, goal clarity, engagement of people in the process, and improved communication and information sharing throughout the organization.