Consulting by Stewart Liff


Roadmap To Transformative Change


Leading Visual Performance Management expert, Stewart Liff, created Stewart Liff & Associates, Inc. to help corporations and government agencies who need to implement wide spread transformational change.

Visual Performance Management by Stewart Liff

What makes us different from other performance management consulting companies is Stew’s own unique approach called Visual Performance Management.  Visual Performance Management incorporates elements of systems design, team development, human resource management and the fine arts to communicate and drive peak performance.

After an initial assessment to identify the client’s goals and performance targets, a customized comprehensive visual performance roadmap and plan of action is created to communicate and help implement wide spread change throughout the organization.

Through one-on-one consultations, training and mastermind classes, Stew shares over 30 years experience as a senior human resource executive and his own personal journey of how he lead and transformed a variety of organizations.

As a result of working with Stewart Liff & Associates, Inc., clients develop the ability to design and implement highly effective systems, processes, establish a first-class HRM program, and form high performance teams which enables our clients them to drive performance, improve their culture and achieve transformative change in rapid time.