How to Write an Effective Report in the Federal Government

Working in the Federal Government means you read reports. You’ll read hundreds, if not thousands, during your tenure. The reports no doubt vary in quality. Many may be difficult to follow. Others are full of bureaucratic language. Most reports are probably read by no more than a couple of people, and have little if any […]

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How to Circumvent Long Hiring Delays in the Federal Government

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If you’ve ever worked in government, you know how frustrating it can be to bring on your new hires within a reasonable time frame. Trying to alleviate backlogs by hiring new people should be simple enough, but there always seems to be delays. How can you get around those delays and manage efficiently and effectively? […]

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Why I Enjoyed Working for the Federal Government

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So many people are miserable at their jobs. And these days, the Federal Government doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation as an employer. In fact, 41% of the government employees surveyed in OPM’s 2013 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey indicated they were dissatisfied with their organization. This doesn’t paint a pretty picture. But if we look […]

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Investigate a Career in the Government

Are you looking for a new job? Don’t limit your possibilities. You should investigate a career in government. A Federal Government job has many perks that you won’t find these days in the private sector. Working for the Federal Government offers job security, excellent benefits, and even employee protections. But like working anywhere, there are […]

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A Team of Leaders

Paul Gustavson and  I are excited to announce the release of our new book,  A Team of Leaders, this month.  If you’d like to order a copy, please follow one of the links below. AMACOM’s press release follows: Workplace teams are supposed to harness employees’ talents to tackle challenges. But the reality often falls short.. […]

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Welcome to my blog.  I look forward to sharing tips and insights to my readers on how to use unique approach to performance management, which combines the visual arts with performance management called Visual Performance Management.  Also, my goal is to help organizations design and implement extraordinary Human Resource Management (HRM) programs, which result in developing […]

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