At Stewart Liff & Associates, Inc. we help companies, their management, and their employees to think beyond what’s possible in terms of performance. Working with them on either a short or long-term basis, we call upon more than three decades experience in human resources, systems design and fine arts to deliver performance results.

Our approach is straightforward. We offer training and/or consulting to help you take a good, hard look at your organization using a systems design model as our framework for thinking. We then ensure your mission, vision, values and goals are clear and consistent, starting with the desired end state as the ultimate objective. From there we review your systems and processes and make recommendations for changes whenever they are out of alignment.

Improve Organizational Culture

Leaders seldom meet greater demands of their skills than when they embark on a major change effort. We assess your culture and identify areas for improvement. We believe your culture is ultimately a function of your systems and the manner in which you manage and develop your employees. We can also help you with any personnel problems you may have, such as holding employees accountable or dealing with difficult people.

If desired, we will help you design and develop high performance teams where everyone is a leader. We believe this is one of the best ways to accomplish work, utilize your resources, and develop a highly committed workforce.

Visual Performance Management

Finally, we help you install a Visual Performance Management program that will reinforce all of your systems once they are aligned, and send a clear and consistent set of messages throughout the organization. Simply put, Visual Performance Management is an approach that engages all of the senses to change your culture and drive performance. We use visual stimuli to highlight, report, clarify, and integrate your mission, values and culture into your operating systems and performance requirements. In turn, we use displays and other methods to help you communicate, share ideas, information, goals and objectives. We also help you connect your employees to the mission, celebrate their good work and hold them accountable. Not only will this help drive performance, it will also help shape the outside world’s view of your organization.

We are happy to work with you to customize approach that meets your needs and objectives. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our programs or our process.